Saturday, March 14, 2015

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

Do you like going out of your comforts every now and then?
Do you like developing new skills and improving existing ones?
Do you like changing yourself for the better?

If yes, you have a growth mindset. If not, you have a fixed mindset. People with fixed mindset are prone to staying average -- whereas, people with growth mindset keep on pushing their average skills to grow further and further.

Following are some of the facts about people with growth mindset and people with fixed mindset:

  • For a growth mindset, success is the "process" of pushing themselves to achieve goals. Whereas, for a fixed mindset, success is "proving" themselves to others. 
  • People with growth mindset have the ability to stay innovative by taking constant inputs, analysis and criticism to further improve what they do. While, people with fixed mindset want to stick with what they know the best and what they are good at without giving much emphasis to good input, analysis and criticism. 
  • People with growth mindset do mistakes, learn from them and improve -- while, people with fixed mindset do mistakes and quit. 
  • People with growth mindset are explorers of new ventures -- whereas, people with fixed mindset are stuck in their comfort zones. 

To conclude, everything is in a constant flow -- that is how life works. Getting stuck in your brick-wall and not climbing it or pushing yourself to cross it, takes the life out of you. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

How to make SIEM PoC effective?

Here is how you can make the SIEM PoC effective: 

1) List down the existing issues that need to be resolved 
2) List down the potential issues that could happen 
3) Ask for use case implementation for #1 and #2 
4) Observe the effectiveness of the solution as per your environment 
5) Observe usability, scalability and feature-set being offered 
6) Observe the skill level of the service provider / vendor 
7) Grade based on #3, #4, #5, #6 

Additionally, you may ask the following questions to your vendor to warm them up a little: 

1) Time it would take to go from installation to actual threat or security insights? 
2) Dedicated members or consultants needed to keep the solution up and inter-operable? 
3) Does the proposed solution provide alerts and provide step-by-step remediation? 
4) What if we don't have technologies in place that are needed to feed the SIEM?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Best Data Recovery Tools

I recently faced an interesting challenge of recovering data from my 1TB portable external storage device. The device's MBR somehow malfunctioned and I was left with almost 700GB of raw data. As per Windows, the only option to access the storage device was to format it but before doing that I wanted to recover the data first!

I majorly used the following tools for recovery:
  • Easeus Data Recovery
  • Recuva
  • TestDisk
As per my experience:
  • Easeus was the fastest tool to recover data
  • Recuva was the fastest tool in detecting data on the malfunctioned device
  • TestDisk was the best tool in recovering data that both Easeus and Recuva tools were unable to find

Friday, June 14, 2013

Plugged In, Not Charging - Solution

I have seen this error message a lot in laptops of all brands and sizes.

More than often the problem is with the battery related drivers than the hardware itself.

Here is the solution that works absolutely 100% of the times:

  1. Right click on 'My Computer'
  2. Go to 'Properties'
  3. Click 'Device Manager'
  4. Click the '+' sign on the 'Batteries'
  5. Delete all instances of 'Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery'
  6. Restart the laptop
  7. Log-in
  8. The status of battery now would be 'plugged in, charging'!  

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Learning - The Learning Ability

The learned is not the one who has learned a lot but actually the one who has learnt the ability to learn, unlearn and learn back again. How do you gain such an ability? Is it god-gifted or can you actually learn it starting fresh and ultimately become an expert?

I know more than few people who are prodigiously good at what they can do and that too without any formal education. These few people are either brilliant researchers or have such an amazing mind that they are able to grasp the complex of concepts within a blink of an eye.

We all think -- but most never analyse our thinking process. Why do we assume, perceive, take, mind, view and even idealise things as we do? Yes culture, peers, society, knowledge and education plays its part but in the end all this adds into our own thinking and we come to a certain liking, disliking, opinion and conclusion.

Let's take an example of one of my friends. She would shop or eat from a place where everyone is shopping or eating. The sole reason being, masses cannot be wrong. When this friend buys an eatable from some not so famous place -- she would start complaining about the taste, quality, quantity etc.

We are learning constantly amazingly even when we are taking a nap. It is nearly impossible not to learn even if you are trying not to learn. Learning is easy -- but unlearning what we have already learnt and learning a totally new concept over it is pretty hard.

If we can unlearn our notions and develop new notions over them then we can be classified as learned in real sense. How can you achieve such learning ability? It is not simple but you can try by being open-minded, ready to challenge your norms, accept being wrong, ready to being corrected, ask others for help and lastly but more importantly never becoming an expert. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Or Something Similar

There comes a time in your daily routine life -- when whatever you do ends up being a mistake or something similar. You become frustrated and want to scream and cry out loud or something similar. What should you do when everything you touch becomes dust and evaporates in thin air or something similar, you get the idea. Right?

Life's full of curvy ups and downs. The thrills, twists, turns and climaxes depend mostly on your instant reactions and counter actions or something similar. The spoken word and the sped arrow or something similar like spent time cannot return but the after-thought feeling actually does to haunt and taunt. In matters of mere seconds you lose it if you do not control it -- your temper, temptations, anger or similar wave of emotions.

Yes, controlling your self is the hardest task to perform and executing it perfectly is near to impossible or something similar. Day-in and day-out you have to sweat like a champion sports-person to control your own self. The self that can instantly destruct like a nuclear bomb ready to shred everything into pieces that comes in its way. There are commonly two results of your actions. Either you win or you lose. Let me tell you the hidden third result which would make you a master of your self. An action that results in a win-win situation. Yes, neither you nor anyone else loses -- try it or something similar and see for your self.  

Words Will Not Rhyme

Up this time and thinking about
Time lost with a furious clout

A human can err, so what?
Angels cannot, so bait!

Nothing is over and out till
You believe in miracles still

You live in matter of seconds
The moment that fast descends

Let's face it with vigour
Destinies that keep rigour

Waiting for that exact time
When words will not rhyme

See you soon in cloud nine
Always you were, are mine!